About Smartpool


The Danish tradition for combating, controlling and monitoring infectious diseases has major competitive advantage for exports and increases efficiency in the Danish livestock- and food production industries. Analyses of diseases, as part of surveillance programs, are viewed as a costly factor that increasingly binds financial resources, which could be used to monitor emerging diseases, to accelerate existing control programs and to improve the bottom line for the producer.

Project Smartpool will perform a systematic review of the current disease monitoring programs in the cattle industry and validate the extent to which it will be possible to pool samples together for the identification of individual sick animals, and hereby release the economic potential. On the basis of this work, we aim to develop a software solution for flexible management of automatic pooling of samples that could be used not only in the livestock industry, but also in other contexts where large amounts of samples are analyzed simultaneously, like, for example, meat juice samples at slaughterhouses or blood samples for animal health monitoring.

The product will also have a considerable economic potential in cases of outbreaks of notifiable infectious diseases, when large number of animals needs to be inspected to regain disease-free status.

Smartpool project has a duration of two years and is financed by a grant of 4,25 mio DKK from GUDP (Green Development and Demonstration Program).

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